A very dark cool grey

Alchemist's Notebook

Parchment with various speckles of colours

Arsenic Bottle

A yellowish green with patches of brown

Deadly Nightshade

Green with speckles of purple and yellow, like the fruit and the bloom of the plant its named after.

Ghost Stories

The dark grey of a quiet room and whispered stories

Inky Embrace

A murky grey teal

Laura Palmer

Pale peachy purples with hints of blue


Light brown and a pale dirty peach speckled with green

Mermaid of the Deep

A deep blue with black swirling throughout.

Moss Covered Bones

Aged ivory speckled with moss green and dirt brown

Murderous Filigree

Golden yellow lightly speckled with red


Muddied red with flecks of black

Patron Saint of Switchblade Fights

Purple, with hints of blue and speckles of red

Pumkin Patch

Pumpkin Orange


Faded blues with splashes of brown and grey


A warm tonal purple


Browns with a amber undertone


Micro stripes of aqua and pink with speckles of purple

Tea Leaves

Deep brown, not unlike a cup of your favourite black tea.

Weathered Tomb

Light cool grey, spceckled with black


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