Missing the Rhinebeck Experience

Missing the Rhinebeck Experience

Set of 5 20g mini skeins

Crescent Sock

75/25 Superwash Merino Nylon

4 ply fingering weight

437 yards per 100g skein


Rhinebeck has sadly been canceled this year. But that doesn't mean we won't be able to enjoy some of the small bits of happiness that come from attending. This mini set is comprised of 5 20g minis based on some of my favourite things from New York Sheep and Wool.


From left to right we have:


Majestic Flying Llama - Every year we go on Sunday to watch the Leaping Llamas. One of the llamas from the Spitters Club in particular has become our favourite. This is based off of her. She is majestic and a good bit aloof.


Apple Cider Donuts - Yes the line is almost always crazy long. But the donuts are 100% worth the wait.


Lunch on the Hill - There's a lovely hill right next to the path that leads to the apple cider donut booth that many a festival goers enjoy taking a break on. Its usually litered with leaves and people in lovely woolen garmets.


The Sheepies - From the parade to the sheep for show in the barns, it's always wonderful to go and take a break from buying too much yarn and look at the little floofs chilling. Sometimes you even get lucky enough to pet them.


Leaves on the Ground - Much like the hill the rest of the fair grounds is often covered in gorgeous autumnal leaves. I don't know how many pictures I have taken of the tree and the ground to share with people...




Let's get this forever drive over

And head to Rhinebeck


A gathering of friends

Still weaving in their sweater's ends

Heading to Rhinebeck


Wake up and check the weather

Pull this woolen look together

And get our butts to Rhinebeck


Glowing yellow and orange leaves

Is that a hot or cool breeze?

Let's look at the sheep at Rhinebeck


Delicious smells are wafting

Standing in line knitting

It's lunch time at Rhinebeck


Coffee and apple cider donuts

Artichoke French, falafel, and such

That's the festival food we eat a Rhinebeck


Head back to the space that is not our own

Chill out and watch some movies to zone

We have one more day left at Rhinebeck


Wish we could have done another workshop

Bought more yarn, or watched more llamas hop,

But we must return home from Rhinebeck


One last hug good bye

As we come down from the yarn high

But next year we shall return to Rhinebeck"

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent and lay flat to dry.